Serapid Elevators

Rigid Chain Technology Based Lifts

Serapid has been specializing in horizontal and vertical motion through the use of our Rigid Chain Technology for over 40 years.

Rigid chain is a telescopic mechanical actuator that is flexible in one direction and rigid, like a steel beam, in the other ideally suited for moving heavy structures over long distances.

Built on the experience of thousands of linear actuation systems, Serapid has the technology to provide heavy duty lifts and unique moving features in buildings, shows, events and ceremonies.

With systems able to push and pull structures weighing in excess of 200 tons and lifting capability in excess of 300 tons, Serapid has the systems and knowledge to tackle any vertical or horizontal load transfer system.

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Stab-A-Load   Serapid Lift Systems

Automotive Lifts

SERAPID Automotive Lift is based on highly reliable rigid chain technology and offer the perfect solution for both low cycle domestic and high usage commercial car lifts.

Complex surroundings and possible access issues makes maneuvering and parking of cars and heavy goods vehicles difficult.

SERAPID Car Lift Systems require shallow pits, limited headroom and required no separate machine room. This minimises the space required for the automotive lift and removes the need for access ramps.

SERAPID’s compact vechicle lifts are the ultimate parking system for the modern architectural environment.

SERAPID Rigid Chain solutions is the alternative to hydraulic technology.
An electromechanical solution that respects the environment, compact, easily integrating into confined spaces.

  • Electromechanical technology without local machinery.
  • A bowl solution with a very small footprint, less depth of pit.
  • The load is only applied on the ground, without exerting force on the other structures (walls, ceilings ...).
  • No spring effect when loads enter or exit the platform.
  • Accuracy and repeatability of +/- 2mm positioning, regardless of load.

Proven for 45 years, SERAPID Automotive Lifts are reliable, efficient, robust and require very little maintenance.


Reliable systems of elevation and horizontal movement tailored to the needs of the entertainment and architectural industries.

Stage Lift equipment: Today’s high expectations for live performance and presentation creates the demand for modular and multi-purpose venues. Whether for a new or renovated venue, moving scenery, raising platforms, stage lifts, configuring audience seating, transporting equipment via service or truck elevator; all require an elevation and load moving system that combines flexibility, safety, reliability and durability.

For theatres, opera halls, concert halls, museums, universities, congress centres, hotels, cultural centres or shopping malls, SERAPID has the solution to all horizontal or vertical movement and stage lift modularity requirements.

For your stage lift machinery, we take into account your functional requirements and the architectural constraints of the venue.

Our team will accompany you to provide the best vertical platform movement and horizontal scenery cart solutions.

Platform Stage Lift Beijing Olympic Games