Butzbach Stacking & Hangar Doors

Butzbach Germany a world renown door corporation and leader in automotive aviation and hangar doors partner with Stab-a- Load for the Southern African region. The unique and patented fiber glass stacking door (HT40, HT60, HT80) is constructed from twin – walled fiberglass elements that provide excellent thermal insulation and enable as much as 78% light translucency through the door section creating pleasant, ergonomic working environments. The Butzbach stacking door is truly an energy saving and energy efficient door solution for a multitude of applications i.e.: motor dealerships, truck and motor car workshops, rail yard workshops, small aircraft hangers, warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Butzbach make use of the very same door panel material when designing a door solution for large hangar applications, where the door slides from left to right allowing full opening width or partial. Butzbach hangar doors have proven to be the most sought after and robust door solution in the market to date.