Goods Hoist / Dumbwaiter/ Mezzanine Lift

Stab-a load supply a Goods Hoist or otherwise known as Goods Lifts, this material handling equipment is used to transport materials (hence the name Goods Hoist; Goods Lifts ) vertically up a building or structure and down a shaft below ground level with the ability to stop at a number of landings using a hydraulic lifts system.

Goods Only Hoists lifting systems are manufactured to client’s specifications and are compliant to SANS specifications.

Stab-a-load also supply dumb waiters, a dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator or lift intended to carry food. Applications are endless with this lifting system but they are very common in hospitals and hotels. Dumb waiters are found within modern structures, including both commercial, public and private buildings, this lifting system is connected between multiple floors.

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