Strip Curtains

Benefits of strip curtains:

  • Designed to save energy
  • Maintain the rooms ambient temperature
  • Welding sparks bounce off the thick material
  • Divides rooms and reduces noise
  • Admits light and omits rain, wind and draughts from the workplace
  • Creates an easy passage for personnel, forklifts and machinery
  • Easy to install, clean and replace.
  • Drop height up to 10 m, but can be customized according to customer requirements.

  • Clear strips are transparent with a blue tint on the edges.
  • Polar PVC strip curtains remain soft even at -50 degrees C, allowing easy passing of people, vehicles and goods. Therefore it effectively prevents loss of cold air.
  • These strip curtains do not have active components and do not produce noise during use.
  • Independent tests have proven Polar PVC strips to reduce up to 50% of energy costs.
  • Helps retail chill cabinets meet statutory temperature.
  • Available in clear:
    • 200 mm x 2mm
    • 300 mm x 3 mm
    • 400 mm x 4 mm

  • Welding strip curtains are designed to save energy, protect workers, and reduce noise in warehouse and factory applications.
  • Specifically designed for areas where welding is being performed.
  • Its tinted colour helps reduce the incidental effects of bright, ultraviolet light that sparks from welding arcs, yet also transparent enough to allow supervisors and others to view the welding area.
  • Protect both bystanders and the welder against the harmful radiation during welding work.
  • Available in bronze, yellow, blue/green
    • 200 mm x 2mm

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