Pallet Inverters / Pallet Exchangers

A Pallet Transfer System is a mechanical automated solution designed to move goods from one pallet to another efficiently and seamlessly.

Stab-a-Load can help you with your application when it comes to a Pallet Transfer System with our Pallet Inverter / Pallet Exchanger.

There are different reasons why logistics require the change of pallets:

  • Pallet Material - From wood to plastic, metal, aluminium, stainless steel or vice versa
    • H1 hygiene standard, cleanroom, storage, shipping
    • automated conveyor systems in plants, high-bay warehouses
  • Pallet Safety - Exchanging damaged pallets
    • Stability, avoiding hazards during storage, transport and load securing
    • automated conveyor systems in plants, high-bay warehouses
  • Pallet Condition - Changing contaminated pallets
    • Dirt, mould, moisture, chemicals
    • standards for storage and shipping
This Pallet Transfer System namely Pallet Inverter / Pallet Exchanger will help your business:

  • Increased productivity and safety due to less manual handling
  • Wood to plastic pallet exchange
  • Easy damaged load recovery
  • Reduced pallet rental costs

Brochure Downloads Available

Stab-A-Load  Pallet Inverter Brochure