Roller Shutter Doors

Stab-A-Load offers the South African market premium quality Roller Shutter Doors for Industrial & Commercial use.

These doors rely on old technology which were aimed at providing cost effective economy doors for:

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Counter shutters for canteens, kitchens, workshop stores, etc.

The roller shutter options are geared for our South African crime situation. Traditionally roller shutters were excellent for protecting:
  • Against vandalism, theft and burglaries
  • Offering shop fronts protection
  • Securing factories and workshops

Over the past 10 years there has been a radical shift away from this product to sectional doors for these applications as they offer far more flexibility and benefit than roller shutter doors. Please refer to our products section for more information on our sectional door range.

Please consult with our sales department for more information on our cost effective roller shutter door options.

At present our rolling steel doors have a galvanised slat finish and we also offer colour powder coated slats for this purpose, in various slat styles; solid, punched and perforated are available in both 100mm and 75mm widths.

Note there are several powder coated slat options available with a large range of different colours. Our roller shutter doors also have a variety of operations i.e.:
  • Push Pull
  • Chain operated
  • Crank Operated
  • Automated roller door, 24v, 220v or 380v electric motors.

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