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What is a Pallet Inverter?

Stab-a-load are the sole suppliers of the Payne Pallet Inverters in Southern Africa. The pallet inverter was invented as a solution to remove broken bags of ICI fertilizer from the bottom of a loaded pallet, therefore saving hours of manual handling to obtain the bottom bag for replacement. By exchanging on to a cheaper one-way pallet the ICI quality pallet was retained in-house. The solution has industry wide savings by making use of this specialized design, to help customer reduce costly pallets being used in operations. A perfect Pallet Transfer System.

Why Pallet Transfer Systems?

Today all pallet inverters & pallet exchangers, pallet stackers and pallet tippers offer various solutions to your pallet exchange requirements. Whether simple bagged products from wood and plastic pallets or Chep pallets to in-house pallets – Stab-a-load offers the full range of Payne equipment, and have many designs and sizes of Exchangers and Inverters / Tippers to suit your loads and particular application. Payne Pallet Inverters have been in business over 30 years supplying machines worldwide to a large customer base. Payne is the first and original name in Pallet Exchange and Pallet Inversion equipment.

Pallet Inverters

The Standard Payne Pallet Inverter is aptly named. It is the original design and standard of quality that all other Payne Pallet inverters followed over the years. It is designed to be loaded only at raised level such as with forklift. Exchange pallets and recover damaged goods in its simplest form at the cheapest price. The 180 degree Pallet Inverter is our most popular range of pallet inverters we manufacture. They inverts all load types from bags, drums, boxes, glass, tins and cartons to give you a small example. Pallet Inverters are durable, reliable and proven designs, and are supplied to busy warehouses worldwide.

Key features

  • Easy Pallet Exchange
  • Safe
  • Easy loading with fork lift truck
  • Easy damage load recovery
  • Reduce pallet rental costs
  • Wood to plastic exchange
  • Eliminate manual handling
  • Can be portable with fixed guards
  • Load straighten capabilities
  • Payne selectable low force clamp option available
  • Increased productivity


Stab-A-Load  Pallet Inverter

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